About us

The original vision of the founding members of Colorado Agri Products was to create and supply a quality feed product for feed yards in eastern Colorado and to produce “American-made” fuel for use in Colorado.  In 2004 that vision became a reality and Colorado Agri Products, LLC was formed. Shortly after, in November of 2005, The Sterling Ethanol plant was opened and ground its first bushel of corn.  The main responsibility of Colorado Agri Products was to provide management and oversight for the 50 million gallon per year ethanol producer. Included in those responsibilities was to procure corn for the plant and market all of the feed products that the plant produced to local feed yards.

Shortly after, in 2006, the business plan expanded and Yuma Ethanol, LLC was formed and ground its first bushel of corn in September 2007.  Colorado Agri Products became the manager and sole commodities marketer for Yuma Ethanol as well.  Due to the success of the business plan in Colorado the Company then decided to expand outside of Colorado and into Nebraska. One year later in 2007 Bridgeport Ethanol, LLC was formed and opened its doors for business in November 2008. Colorado Agri Products also became the sole management company and commodities marketer for Bridgeport Ethanol.

Currently Colorado Agri Products oversees total annual ethanol production of 150,000,000 gallons per year, markets over 1,000,000 tons of feed products per year, and trades over 50,000,000 bushels of corn per year.  Colorado Agri Products has currently expanded its business, and in addition to marketing corn for the ethanol industry, we provide corn origination for feed yards, dairies, and hog producers in eastern Colorado and western Nebraska.

As we have grown and expanded our business over the years our philosophy has remained the same:  To provide our customers with quality feed products, competitive corn prices, and individualized service, while treating them with integrity.